RS140A Tilting Column Helper Arm Tire Changer

Category: Garage Equipment
Sub Category: Tire Changers

Main Features

  • This tire changer can go backwards automatically and it is equipped with assisting device of automatic swing arm locking device and automatic dismounting hook device.
  • The column goes backwards pneumatically with pneumatic push-pull locking mechanism.
  • Lifting tire up function makes operation easier and faster.
  • Central pressing tire function makes jaws grip rim faster.
  • Replaceable swing arm pressing head can fix position automatically.
  • Adjusting mobile slider is suitable for different range of rims.
  • The motion structure of the four automatic alignment gripping jaws on the turnplate is a link mechanism, which has synchronizing function and fix center automatically when gripping from outside to inside.
  • The working head is plated hard chrome on the surface through high frequency sudden fire, ensuring, toughness and abrasive resistance.
  • The round working turnplate has synchronous centering and fine adjustment function which makes the operation of the tire changer easier and smooth.
  • The tools touching the rim directly such as the changing working head, jaws, crowbar and spade are all equipped with protector. These protectors ensure no damages to the rim.
  • It has good presentation, thick steel plate and super rigidness.
  • CE certification.

Technical Data

Rim clamp from outside


Rim clamp from inside


Max wheel diameter


Tire width


Working pressure






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