RS170 Double Bending Automatic Tire Changer

Category: Garage Equipment
Sub Category: Tire Changers

Main Features

  • It is an electrically integrated automatic tire changer with a claw hook head (hook head auto flip, auto advance, and retreat); automatic swing arm assisting device; pneumatic automatic locking device; pressing-wheel mechanical compression variable angle device; left side is equipped with an axis positioning device; enabling side-arm without gap, no swing and tire is easy to remove.
  • Professional designed claw hook head feature has quick-change hook pad made of high-strength wear-resistant nylon designed not to damage the wheels and protect against wear. 
  • The left side is equipped with automatic lift tire rack that can automatically put the tires on the chuck.
  • Shovel wheel rotation rolling tire, diameter of bead breaker cylinder is 160mm, a super large cylinder, is the largest diameter vertical pressing-tire cylinder in this industry.
  • The pneumatic automatic chuck disc can automatically clamp the tires.
  • Machine comes with a dignified, thick plate design
  • CE certification.

Technical Data

Rim diameter


Max wheel diameter


Tire width


Working pressure






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