RS A7 CCD Wheel Alignment Machine

Category: Garage Equipment
Sub Category: Wheel Aligners

Main Features

  • Comes with Windows XP, 2014 professional software.
  • Pure CCD image processing, image recognition measurement.
  • Bluetooth 2.4G wireless transmission technology, phone can be detected.
  • 100% level electronic, on-line monitoring sensors, can be operated remotely.
  • Full three-dimensional animation auxiliary system and easy to use.
  • Talking four locator, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish multi-language selection.
  • Resistance to light interference ability to adapt to a variety of work environments.
  • Support Audi A6, Passat B5 toe arc adjustment of having to get off and surrounded by large adjustment indicator automatic recognition measurement function.
  • The field reset calibration data, without the return, the sensor is completely independent and interchangeable to increase the rim diameter range of 10 "-21".
  • LCD sensor communication status and battery.
  • Has a black box fault logging.
  • More than 20000 vehicle databases.
  • Online updates supported.

Standard Accessories Included

  • Cabinet x 1
  • Clamp x 4
  • Turnplate x 2
  • Computer x 1
  • Printer x 1
  • Sensor x 4
  • Brake lock x 1
  • Steel wheel lock x 1
  • Wedge x 2
  • Hangers for clamp x 4

Technical Data




Front and rear toe angle






After caster



Front and rear set back



Inner angle



Thrust angle



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