Engine Coolant

Category: Lubricants

We mainly stock the Castrol Radicool NF Premix  which is a ready to use antifreeze coolant formulated using monoethylene glycol and selected additives, free from nitrite, amine, and phosphate inhibitors. It uses hybrid technology for the modern performance engines of cars and trucks.

This product requires no customer dilution therefore ensures the correct concentration is always used.

Castrol Radicool NF Premix provides year round protection against corrosion, and offers freezing protection down to -37 deg C.

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Our product category covers auto parts, batteries, garage equipment, and lubricants, all sources from world popular brands such as BOSCH, Castrol, KYB, TOKICO, Abesta, RBI, CTR, Nisaan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Valor, Deno,Ecobrex, and the like.

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