Axle Oils

Category: Lubricants

Castrol axle oils are designed to handle all vehicle axle or final drives lubrication requirements. They cater for all passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses. Castrol axle oils are designed to high load carrying capability that ensures gears operating under high loads are protected and prolonged. Our specifications in stock include Castrol EPX 80W-90, Castrol EPX 85W-140, Transmax Offroad 50, and Castrol axle EPX 90.a

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Our product category covers auto parts, batteries, garage equipment, and lubricants, all sources from world popular brands such as BOSCH, Castrol, KYB, TOKICO, Abesta, RBI, CTR, Nisaan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Valor, Deno,Ecobrex, and the like.

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