Why is important to replace your brake fluid

Your vehicle brake fluid needs to be replaced periodically to keep your braking system functioning properly. There are various types of brake fluids (e.g. Dot3, Dot4, Dot5) designed for different vehicles which can easily be found on your vehicle owner’s manual and usually written on the cap of the brake fluid reservoir under your vehicle bonnet.

Proper functioning of your vehicle brakes is an essential safety awareness every driver or car owner should know about. Therefore, it's essential to replace your vehicle brake fluid periodically because it absorbs moisture from the air and degrades over time. Changing brake fluid at recommended intervals will assure proper brake system functioning. Brake fluid changes are typically done every two years; however, different vehicles will have different recommendations for best performance as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Care about your safety and have your vehicle brake fluid replaced by a qualified mechanic. At TPSL, we have experienced and well-trained mechanics with the right tools and equipment to check and replace your brake fluid. Contact us at 0302438011 / 0206883274 for more information and booking of an appointment.





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